13 11 2010

Photo by: Laura Evonne Steinman

Cut Healed Mine: Processing Top Surgery is an art show that was birthed out of the creativity of Taan Shapiro and fostered by AndreA Neumann-Mascis founder of The Meeting Point (http://www.themeetingpoint.org/).  Taan had top surgery July 1, 2010.  In the weeks leading up to and following the surgery, Taan used visual and written art to help process this body change. It was Taan’s hope throughout this creativity and growth to display this art, but Taan did not have a plan of how this would happen.

Taan met AndreA at a training in which AndreA spoke on how to create a welcoming community for people who are transgender. AndreA, using a framework from Self Psychology, outlined three ways for people who are trangender to feel whole, fulfilled and a part of community:

1.    People need to feel seen and have their experiences reflected back to them
2.    People need to feel safe and that they have something to aspire to
3.    People need to feel a sense of belonging

Taan left AndreA’s talk thinking about these three aspects of creating a positive and affirming community.

AndreA invited Taan to visit The Meeting Point.  Taan toured the offices and looked at the art gallery. During this tour, Taan thought back to the art Taan created to process top surgery and asked to show this work at The Meeting Point.  AndreA was overjoyed.  In follow-up conversations, they explored broadening this idea into featuring more artists who have processed top surgery through their art (whether having had the surgery or not).

The intention of this art show is to bring together a community that can create affirming positive interactions, foster safety and create a sense of belonging.

We welcome you to Cut Healed Mine: Processing top surgery.  What started as an idea has become a place for healing and community.